Organizational Objectives

The organization provides assistance to the poor, underserved or marginalized groups in the community by involving them in the assessments and projects implementations through their local leaders in order to identify and prioritize their urgent survival needs. Himilo Foundation also ensures the relevant capacity building in order to enhance community ownership, good management and sustainability.

The specific objectives are;

  • Equipping the women and girls with essential skills in nutrition and hygiene by facilitating workshops and providing basic information on nutrition and hygiene in a language they can easily understand.
  •  Vulnerability of women and girls to sexual and gender based violence reduced through enhanced access to alternative means of livelihoods and survival mechanisms for displaced women and girls in the target districts of Somalia.
  • Capacity building in the community through training of trainers; i.e. training of existing health and nutrition trainers and practitioners and to reduce malnutrition cases by provision of food, nutritional support and nutritional information.
  • To strengthen resilience building on livelihoods for sustainable development.
  • Fostering capacity building and community integration in the field of economic empowerment.
  • To promote peaceful co-existence among the Somali communities through advocacy and engagement of communal workshops.
  • To improve water quality and accessibility in the communities
  • Provide quality health care services by working with healthcare providers and Global Fund in organizing practical long term solutions.
  • To improve access to quality education for people in the target region and IDPs from affected areas, in formal and informal systems, teachers training, and provision of resources.
  • To advocate for human rights and gender equality by conducting trainings and capacity buildings to both youth and women groups.