Youth & Women

Himilo Foundation has been established in Somalia since 2002 and has a well developed management structure in South and Central Somalia with four regional offices; Mogadishu, Kismayu, Wanlaweyn and Nairobi. It has projects staff and key managers in administration and coordination of the projects ensuring effective implementation of the projects.

Himilo Foundation has a vast experience in development, governance and implementation of projects in livelihoods, particularly vocational programs for youth and women in Mogadishu, and Wanlaweyn. It has vocational training centres in Mogadishu and has adequate capacity to operate in these areas.

Over the past 3 years, Himilo Foundation has been receiving consistent funds from USADF due to the successes of implementing vocational training programs in Banadir. We have received financial grant from USADF on December 2011, to implement The Waaberi vocational Program.  The project was funded for duration of 12 months which ended December 2012. The project focused on the promotion and empowerment of the youth and women in Somalia, Mogadishu at Waaberi district. The project improved the capacity and skills of the youth to eradicate extreme hunger, poverty and built resilience.  The courses included; Computer, Tailoring and masonry and were carried out in three phases.

In total, 157 beneficiaries graduated and 51 establishments’ successful businesses were set up and are all in operation. These include; Internet Cyber café, tailoring shops, printing and stationery shops. Himilo Team continues to monitor progress and sustainability of these establishments. The project achieved its target of well over 90%.

The success mostly seen in the areas of self employment and gaining job opportunities in other sectors i.e. most of the masonries accessed employment through the construction sites while they were on their practical experiences. The graduates are now regarded as mentors for the current program for 2013 as successful business owners.