Geographical Coverage and Network in Somalia (by district and activity):

Himilo Foundation has had its operations in most parts of south and central Somalia, especially in Mogadishu, Lower/Middle Juba, and Lower Shabelle. Some of the areas include Galgaduud, Gedo, Banadir, Jilib, Jamame, Kismayu, Afgooye, Guriel, Wanlaweyne, and Abduwak.

Linkages to influential personalities/ bodies in the areas of operations

Himilo Foundation has no linkages to influential personalities or bodies in the area of operations in any region of Somalia, Somaliland and Puntland.

Mediation roles performed in the past

Himilo Foundation has undertaken mediation work between community leaders and the beneficiaries; for example during the implementation of CFW activities in Wanlalweyn district Himilo Foundation identified 5 major clans known as ‘Shaanta Caalemodh’ which fell within the targeted areas. Himilo Foundation met with all clan representatives and ensured that the beneficiaries from each clan were equally represented.