Scope of Work

Organizational guidelines and policies.

Himilo Foundation has clear and concise organizational policies and procedures in place. Some of these include financial policy, Human resource, Procurement, and practice management policies (see the attached documents).

Himilo’s Scope of work and Core Activities
Himilo Foundation’s   scope of work has been incessantly fully fledged since its establishment in 2002. Currently, the organization’s interventions focus on mainly the following areas:
Emergency interventions; Food security, Agriculture and Livelihoods, Health, Water and Sanitation, Education, Jobs Trainings, Protection, Gender, Governance, and Peace building activities

  • Water, Sanitation and hygiene ( WASH)
  • Agriculture and Livelihoods (food security and Income Generating Activities)
  • Education (Education and Vocational Trainings)
  • Protection (SGV, Child Protection and Human rights)
  • Response to Emergencies
  • Health
  • Nutrition programs
  • Facilitate and conduct workshops on Peace Building, Conflict resolution and management.