1. Technical Competence:


    Himilo Foundation has been operational in most parts of South Central Somalia. It has a well developed management structure in four regional offices; Mogadishu, Kismayu, Wanlaweyn and Nairobi. It has projects staff and key managers in administration and coordination of the projects which ensures effective implementation of projects. Himilo Foundation believes that this staffing structure works to produce timely, efficient and effective results. The types of assessments undertaken mainly include needs assessment of household beneficiaries, vulnerability as well as households with no income, etc.

    Project design/Implementation:  Technical expertise at all levels available depending on the types of project implemented;
    1. Himilo Foundation has qualified program staffs who have been conducting project cycling strategy to fill the gaps identified when planning and designing for projects.
    2. The implementing staffs are also considered to be updated on both the geographical and the clan complexity of the project sites.
    3. The community elders and the administrations are involved in projects designing and implementations to create an ownership of the projects for sustainability.
    4. Our qualified and experienced staffs have the capacity and skills to design project proposals based on the priority needs of the vulnerable groups and submit to potential international donors as well as to the Somalis in the Diaspora for possible funding.

    The projects’ implementation processes are structured in a such way that; community mobilization and Sensitization is an on- going process throughout the projects and the local community actively participates in the entire processes and in this way it builds the local community’s capacity to initiate, implement and sustain the projects.

    Monitoring and Evaluation Himilo Foundation staff ensures regular monitoring and reports any concerns raised during the implementation process as well as compiling evaluation reports.
    Himilo Foundation projects M&E are performed by qualified personnel with the following approaches;

    1. Project staffs monitor all on-going projects activities on daily/weekly and monthly basis. These activities are led by the projects managers, the team is tasked to ensure the projects progress and whether or not the projects are leading to the desired outputs, as well as ensuring that the local communities are consulted, participate and are involved.
    2. Program Coordinator, accompanied by representatives from the target community normally carries out mid-term project visits to the projects sites in order to monitor and evaluate the out-put and the performance indicators (deliverables).
    3. The funders M&E schedule will also monitor the projects on weekly/Monthly/mid-project/End-project basis or as per their plan. They will evaluate project progress, resource utilization, sustainability and level of community involvement and contribution.
  2. Financial Reporting:
  3. Himilo Foundation completes financial reports at the end of each project and end of year audited reports.

Internal controls:  Himilo Foundation has its own procurement system and process, it has a qualified finance and administrator who ensures that all payments made are authorized and recorded and a liquidation financial statement is completed for every project for accountability. Himilo Foundation ensures that both internal and external audits are undertaken at all levels. These reports are available upon request.

Communication:  All Himilo Foundation offices have access to GSM (mobile) and Internet.

Himilo Foundation has access to renting warehouses if required and access to expertise (staff) that have good knowledge of commodity tracking and warehouse management.


Humanitarian code of conduct in relation to its staff SPHERE standards

Himilo Foundation has signed up with Sphere Standards online receiving news updates and information. Himilo Foundation adheres to Sphere standards; Himilo Foundation recognizes the rights of all people affected by disaster or war to re-establish their livelihoods in ways that respect their voice and promote their dignity, livelihoods and security.