Rehabilitation and upgrading of water sources

Donor: FAO and UNDP

Target Area: Wanlawayne, Kismayu and Galgaadud

Project Date: January to May 2012

  1. Donor partner: FAO
    Period of the project: January-May 2012
    Project area: Wanlawayne
    1. The targeted 4,555 beneficiaries involved in the project received income in form of cash transfers.
    2. 25 water catchments were rehabilitated
  2. Donor partner: FAO
    Period of the project: October 2011-February 2012
    Project area: Kismayu
    1. Maize seeds were distributed to 1350 beneficiaries.
    2. Sorghum seeds were distributed to 1800 beneficiaries.
  3. Donor partner: UNDP
    Period of the project: May 2011- Aug 2011
    Project area: Galgaadud
    1. 57 berkeds were rehabilitated.
    2. 1 concrete water tank was constructed.