Employment and Livelihood recovery

Donor: UNDP Somalia, FAO and UNICEF

Target Area: Lafoole, Afgooye Corridor, Balanbal, Abudwak in Galgadud and Jilib District

Project Date: Oct 2011-Feb 2012

  1. Donor partner: UNDP Somalia
    Period of the project: December 2009- April 2010
    Project area: 14 IDP camps in Lafoole, Afgooye Corridor
    1. 119 communal pit latrines were constructed
    2. 75 youth were equipped with employable skills in carpentry, masonry and plumbing
    3. 100 IDPs trained in various aspects of hygiene promotion in the community
    4. 1026 persons were employed by the project for three months
  2. Donor partner: FAO
    Period of the project: August- October 2009
    Project area: Balanbal & Abudwak in Galgadud
    1. 1 berked and 1 water catchment were rehabilitated to supply 110 pastoralists Households with water
    2. 300 weak shoats were culled and the meat distributed to 375 households with malnourished children.
  3. Donor partner: UNICEF
    Period of the project: September 2005 to June 2006.
    Project area: Jilib District
    Provision of clean water, promotion of sanitation and hygiene to 10 riverine Communities.
    The activities included;
    1. Rehabilitation of 10 Communal Shallow Wells and their fitting with hand pumps, purchase of sanitation tools to implement cleaning campaigns in the
    2. Digging of 8 Disposal pits.
    3. Clean-up campaigns and chlorination of water supplies.