Himilo Foundation has been established in 2002 and has a well developed management structure in Kenya, South and Central Somalia with offices in Nairobi – Kenya, Mogadishu, Wanlaweyne, Bardere, and Kismayo. All the offices have key managers, administration and programme staff to coordinate and ensure effective implementation of its projects

Himilo Foundation has a vast experience in development and protection, governance and implementation of projects in livelihoods, particularly vocational programs for youth and women in Mogadishu. It has vocational training centers in Mogadishu and has adequate capacity to operate in these areas.

Last nine years Himilo Foundation has been implementing nutrition programme specially TSFP, BSFP, MCHN and IYC project since 2013 in Kismayo district. This project currently service up to 40,000 beneficiaries using SCOPEĀ  software program funded by WFP Somalia.

Himilo implemented cash and farm inputs distribution project in Bardere of Gedo region and Badade district of Lower Juba region funded by FAO Somalia.

Over the past six years, Himilo Foundation has been receiving consistent funds from USADF due to the successes of implementing vocational training programs in Banadir. We have received financial grant from USADF on December 2011 to December 2016, to implement the different vocational Programs.