Local economic development in Galmudug

As the drought prolonged in the last three and half years, the water table level sank even deeper and the only water source for the population that remained in Galgadud has been the boreholes. Both human and livestock population moved to the urban centers close the water points. The struggle for water and crowding at the water kiosks has been overwhelming all through and as a result many of the water distribution points have incurred damages. The priorities in the area are long standing but Himilo field team conducted site visits in order to confirm that the situation is still as it was when the local leaders and the community approached Himilo to develop a proposal for intervention.  Impromptu interview with key informants, though redundant, were also conducted. The priorities of the urban community were ranked as follows:

  1. Rehabilitation of the water distribution tanks, kiosks and piping.
  2. Supporting the households that lost all their livestock re-establish their livelihoods by targeted re-stocking
  3. Rehabilitation of other life supporting services and facilities such as roads and schools.

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